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Begin your journey to free your voice. My teaching method, distilled over 30 years of teaching, performing, directing and coaching, is ideal for actors, singers and dancers as well as teachers, lawyers, executives, fact, anyone, beginner or professional, who has a desire to improve, shift and grow.

Claim your right to speak, your right to sing, your right to communicate. As you free your breath you will free yourself.

All the best to you!



Debora Joy (BMus, MFA, Equity, Actra)

Available Sessions

  • Free your natural voice and expand your acting range.

  • Develop your singing voice and discover your unique singing style.

  • Enhance your vocal presence - be seen, heard and trusted.

  • Tune into yourself, your body, and your voice.


jsin sasha, Singer/Songwriter

In the two years I've been working with Deb I've seen both my speaking and singing voice change dramatically. I've learned the role the body plays in the voice and the ability to recognize obstructive tension that gets in the way of freely expressing myself. I'm more aware of my breathing, my posture, my emotions and my focus when I sing. Deb does all this with such a compassionate, kind and intuitive approach. Deb has renewed (saved) my passion for singing. I am beginning to sing (and speak) the way I feel I was meant to. 


Tennille Read, Actor

You are outstanding! Your generous effort, energy, perspective, knowledge, wisdom and guidance have assisted me in going deeper in my work and myself beyond what I ever could have expected.

Andrew Park.jpeg

Andrew Park, Actor

Deb's expertise in voice, singing, and acting coaching is incomparable in the industry. Debora has helped me tremendously in recognizing my weaknesses and guiding me through the journey of becoming a better artist. While studying with Debora, I experienced a steady improvement of my artistic craft, and gained a significant amount of confidence. I highly recommend that anyone in any stage of their career seek sessions with her. 

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