Singing Training

In your private singing sessions, we will focus on your unique vocal needs and goals, and include some or all of the following steps towards freeing your singing voice:

Physical release work: releasing your unnecessary physical tension through a multiplicity of mind/body/voice exercises. 

Alignment: centering and grounding yourself so that your voice is centered and supported, even under the pressure of performance. 

Breath Support: exploring the diaphragmatic support, breath management and stamina you need for singing.

Resonance/Singing Styles: exploring and balancing your head, mask, and chest resonators, keeping in mind your preferred singing style, whether it be pop, rock, blues, musical theatre, classical or opera. 

Articulation: release unnecessary tension while exploring the coordination of your jaw, lips, tongue, and soft palate so that clarity is achieved.

Songs: incorporating singing exercises specific to the challenges of your songs, as well as exploring your personal connection to the lyrics.


Private sessions are typically one hour long, and can be recorded

Notable Clients
Stratford Festival: Chilena Kennedy, Antony Malarky, Michael Therriault, Andre Morin,
Jennifer Stewart
Shaw Festival: Deborah Hay, Robin Evan Willis, Evan Smith
Mirvish and Canstage Productions: Alison Sommerville
Singer/Songwriters: Emily Macleod, Kaili Kinnon, Jsin Sasha, Emily Kinnon, Liam Kinnon,
Anne Lee, Jenya Doudareva
Classical Singers:Sabrina Ho, Laura Karkouti, Julia Hammond, Christine Petrie
Also: Nathan Carroll, Ryan Bondy, Kate Kudelka, Amy Marie Wallace, Rebecca Perry, Sophia Fabiilli

Emily Mac

Michael MacEachern

Photo by :Dahlia Katz

Kaili Kinnon