Michael Ruderman

​Šimon Mizera

Maya Fink

Current student: Ryan Zwolinski



Your private session will focus on your unique needs and will include some or all of the following steps towards freeing your voice and imagination: 

Physical release work: releasing your unnecessary tension through a multiplicity of mind/body/voice exercises. 

Alignment: centering and grounding yourself so that the voice can be centered and grounded even under the pressure of performance.

Breath: exploring the spontaneity of the breath while encouraging diaphragmatic breathing.

Resonance: exploring and balancing your chest, head and mask resonators.

Range: while keeping your voice grounded, you will explore your range venturing outside your usual “comfort zone”.

Articulation: releasing unnecessary tension while exploring the coordination of the jaw, lips, tongue, and soft palate so that clarity can be achieved.

Contemporary/Classical Audition Monologues: incorporating vocal practice and script analysis into text work.

Private lessons are one hour long and can be recorded.

Notable Clients
Stratford Festival: Andre Sills, André Morin, Jake Runeckles, Jakob Ehman
Shaw Festival: Wade Bogart-O’Brien, Nadine Bhabha
Soulpepper Theatre: Patricia Fagan, Sarah Wilson, Colin Pilangio
Convergence Theatre: Julie Tepperman, Aaron Willis
Mirvish Productions: Patrick Kwok-Choon, Adam Cunningham, Brent Buchanan
Canstage: Eunjung Nam, Michael Man, Sarah Sherman
Bad Hats Theatre: Fiona Sauder, Nicola Atkinson, Matt Pilipiak, Landon Doak

Photo by: Larry Laforet

Current student: Maya Fink