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Executive Coaching

Do you sometimes feel the content of your presentations is stronger than your delivery? Could you benefit from focusing more closely on your voice and presentation skills? I can help you develop your voice, while giving you effective communication strategies.

Every private coaching session is customized depending on your unique needs and goals, such as shifting ineffective vocal habits, increasing vocal clarity, and enhancing your vocal presence.

In the initial sessions, I tend to work on vocal and physical release, helping you to recognize vocal and physical habits that get in the way of effective communication.

Then I move on to balancing your vocal resonance so that you can speak with ease no matter the size of the space. 

At this point, we move on to range and articulation exercises, including dialect reduction, if needed. 

In terms of communication and presentation skills, you will explore exercises to enhance your physical and vocal presence so that you can share your expertise in a confident, friendly and sincere manner. 

I also offer exercises to eliminate ineffective speaking habits including:
- the overuse of non-verbals such as "uh", "um", and verbal tics such as "like", "totally"
- the common habit of dropping energy and volume at the ends of sentences
- the habit of "up-speak", where each statement becomes a question.

Speaking pace and rhythm will be examined, so that the cadence of the sentences helps to get your point across. I have found it beneficial to explore the actual situations my clients face, creating exercises with selected phrases, examining keywords and active verbs, as well as making sure the beginnings and ends of presentations are clear and confident. I have also attended my clients’ presentations, lectures and classes, offering feedback afterwards.

Please contact me for more information regarding fees and packages.

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